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15 Genius Dating Tips, and Did Keanu Reeves Just Ask Me Out?

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15 Genius Dating Tips, and Did Keanu Reeves Just Ask Me Out?

Plus, a six-minute podcast on googling crushes.

Hello! How is your week going? I’m excited to chat with you…

First up, I asked my friend Ziva if it’s normal or creepy to google crushes. I turned to her because a) she’s hilarious and b) speaks frankly. She revealed her answer in the podcast, above (here’s the transcript), and please share your thoughts in the comments!

Next, I’m starting to build a dating profile, and something occurred to me.

My mom always told my sister and me that we should be 100% ourselves, in every gloriously idiosyncratic way, because then and only then would we find our perfect matches. If you’re acting like someone else, or a different version of yourself, then you’ll find a match for that faux person, not you, and you won’t end up connecting.

“My friends were like, ‘Put a bikini photo in your dating profile,’” says illustrator Ruth Chan, who agrees with my mom’s advice. “But I was like, that's just not me. The thing about the profile I put up — and my now-husband Jeff’s profile, too — is that both were very real and authentic. One of the photos I posted was me wrapped in a brown blanket in the shape of poo. I remember thinking, this photo is very much who I am and what makes me laugh and I need to be with someone who would appreciate that.”

Ruth being herself

You know what random thing I kind of want to put up? Or even wear on a date? This sweatshirt, below, which says, “Graphic design WAS my passion…but now it’s realizing each random passerby is living a life as vivid & complex as my own.” I weirdly love it and feel like that sentiment is actually a big part of my worldview.

What random photo or dorky joke or personality trait or favorite movie would you want to get across in your dating profile? Everyone’s so specific — that’s what makes the world fun and fascinating — and I want to hear your little things. Please tell us in the comments, if you’d like.

(Illustration by Martí Sans/Stocksy. Thank you to Destry Maria Sibley for editing the podcast.)

ALSO!!!!! You GUYS!!!! I got this email about Keanu Reeves…

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